Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assignment 5-1

Weekly Written Analysis 5

I have a love affair with bugs. To be specific with Beetles, Volkswagen Beetles that is. Since I can remember, I love these cars. They are a synonym of fun and cute to me. How can you see this car and not painfully want one? Beetle survived decades and many trends and styles. I wonder if Beetle like cockroach can even survive atomic war.
I have no idea how Beetle survived the test of time but it did. I feel like they are getting more popular nowadays again. I see more and more of these cuties on roads every day. I remember Beetles from my childhood. Back then, they were more of a little, cheep and poor quality car. The production started in 1938. Yes, that is correct first Beetle left a factory of Volkswagen in 1938 and the production continued until 2003. The original car is not too different from his now used, newer brother New Beetle. Over the years, the exterior design changed very slightly. I think that there is no other car known so well by its distinguished look and there is no other car that has so much versatility. Owning a Beetle is not just having a car, it is sending out a statement. Every country and every owner put their own mark on their Bug.
Beetle has been part of popular culture since 1960s. The former “hippie car” lost his old status and became more of a hipster car. I love seeing the personalized versions of this car. I remember seeing a red one with a gigantic toy key on the back, green one with little flowers all over and many candy like colored Bugs decorated by their proud owners.
I have to say that my eyes get bigger every time I see the yellow Beetle convertible. One day, when I am done with school and finally buying my first car, you know it will be a yellow beetle.

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